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Welcome to chaneljewelry.org – Let us have a privilege to introduce our associate partners who are the leading manufacturers and exporters of hair accessories.

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Fashion Rings

A well-known brand in the Indian market, Chanel Fashion and Jewelry’s partners are distinguished manufacturers and exporters of designer jewellery. They own a massive range of fashion rings studded with the natural precious and semi precious stones to inspire your followers. These organizations offer a wide spectrum of fashion rings, Designer Silver Ring, Sterling Silver Ring, Designer Silver Pendant, Designer Silver Necklace and many more fashion accessories. Elegantly designed, their exclusive designer jewellery is known to epitomize grace and elegance in your fashion statement. That’s not all! These fashion rings manufacturers deal in various types of fashion jewelry including beaded jewellery and silver beads with 92.5 % purity. They are known to have a amicable relationship with their customers by offering quality products that are high in style and elegance.

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Pendant Designs

Our pendant designs wholesalers are the front-runners in the online diamond Jewellery market of India. These organizations are dedicated towards customer satisfaction owing to their core policy, “Customer First Policy”.

Our pendant design wholesalers are known for catering top-notch quality to their customers all around the globe. They hold specialization perfectly cut diamond pendants to achieve the highest levels of quality. The jewellery provided by our partners is finished to the highest standard that intensifies the elegance of designer pendants. They are focused on the fusion of affordability, quality and user experience. The jewelry is certified by international laboratories like International Gemological Institute (IGI) and SGL along with the Hallmark certification, which proves their authenticity.

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Necklaces Designs

Chanel jewelry is an online marketplace of excellent designed jewellery that is famous all around the world. We offer a bridge to the jewelry lovers to connect with the right people present in this business vertical.

Our partners who are the necklace design manufacturers and exporters provide customers with modern, contemporary or classic designs of necklaces per their need. If you are seeking for necklace design excellence, variety and elegance, you can connect with our well-known necklace design manufactures and exporters.

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Bangles and Bracelets

For decades, the bangles and bracelets crafted by our bangles and bracelets manufacturers and exporters are admired worldwide. And, the credit goes to their extensive expertise in the business, which is also known as the craftsmanship.

The bangles manufacturers continue to expand their business on the year over year (YOY) basis by satisfying their global customers through their innovations.

They facilitate online shoppers to select their preferred bangles or bracelet designs from a massive spectrum of their enticing masterpieces. No matter where your hunt for elegantly designed bracelets or bangles start from, our mission is help you discover the quality craftsmanship at prices you can’t find anywhere else.

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Artificial Earrings

Chanel Jewelry is a global marketplace for fashion jewelry. it’s partners dealing with artificial earrings are known to deliver the quality oriented products to their customers all around the globe at competitive wholesale price. They cater exclusive fashion jewellery and accessories to women globally. They have a massive range of artificial earrings that are unique and available at affordable wholesale price. Latest earrings designs introduced every week and their craftsmanship in their business make them stand out from the crowd in the jewelry market. What’s more? Their design team is committed to provide you with the best of customer support. Don’t hesitate to ask if you are looking for artificial earrings at wholesale price!

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